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Acupuncture at
Parker Integrative Health

Applying acupunctureExperience a powerful tool in helping you heal with acupuncture and dry needling at Parker Integrative Health. For thousands of years, this form of Traditional Chinese Medicine has been used in a myriad of applications. When done right, it can give incredible results.

A Therapy That Looks to the Root Cause

Many forms of medicine look at your symptoms and how to best cover them up. Acupuncture and dry needling is different, looking for the cause of a problem and treating it. As a result, you’ll have more lasting relief.

This therapy is well-known for its role in pain relief. We focus mostly on musculoskeletal conditions, including sinus problems and headaches.

What to Expect at Your Appointment

At your initial appointment, you’ll sit down with our provider for a consultation. New patients are welcome. If you’ve already been a patient with another provider here, we’ll already have quite a bit of information about you and have an idea of how best to help you.

The therapy we provide is a combination of traditional acupuncture and dry needling. The needles will be applied and remain in for about 20 minutes. A laser is applied on top of the needles to accentuate the healing. If you’re in serious pain, we may dip the needles into an oil to help you start feeling immediate relief.

Following Up

Based on your condition, we may recommend you have two sessions a week for the first week. After that, we’ll reduce the frequency down to once a week, then every two weeks, and so on. The goal is to get you to a point where you don’t hurt anymore and won’t need to come in again.

If we believe you can benefit from any other services we offer, we’ll be sure to recommend that to you.

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